All worship services and all events
are canceled until further notice. 
COVID-19 Response

Trinity Corona Virus (COVID-19) Response

POST: 3/21/2020

Drive Through Communion Is Postponed

It’s hard to believe that only a week has passed since we first cancelled worship.  The COVID-19 situation has evolved so quickly!  We are finding creative ways to use online resources like ZOOM, Skype and FaceTime for worship, learning, fellowship and pastoral care.  We are setting up teams to bring food and other necessities to members who can’t or shouldn’t go out of the house.   Let us know if you can help.  Pastoral care time can be scheduled using the phone or online platforms. 

What we are unable to do online is share together the Word made present in the eucharist.  At Trinity there is a strong sense of communion as core to being one body in Christ.  We know that we don’t have to take communion every week, or month, or year.  It’s not magic.  It does not give us extra points with God.  We are not sinning if we don’t receive communion every week.  We also know that the Eucharist is very important to our personal journey of faithful living.  We revolve around both the spoken Word and the sacramental Word as part of our weekly life cycle. 

Knowing this importance, the we as pastors, staff and worship leaders put together what we think is a relatively safe procedure, taking what we would have distributed inside the building and distributing it outside the building without direct physical contact between people.  We call it, for lack of a better label, “drive thru communion.”  As the week progressed we’ve become more and more attuned to the need for physical separation, emphasizing the importance of staying home.  So, it seems that to gather even in this limited way could be an unnecessary risk.   We know that because communion is such a big part of our spiritual life some might be tempted to come out of our homes even though we know it’s best for us to stay in.  Once out of the house and on the road, it is all too tempting to make a “while I’m out I might as well . . . “ stop at other less safe places.  This health emergency is expanding rapidly and we don’t know when it will reach its full crest. There is still much to learn about the virus, its transmission, and any treatment.  We don’t want to add to the medical emergency.  Perhaps sometime in a few weeks, when we know more, we will be able to pull our plan for “drive thru” distribution off the shelf and put it to good use.  In the mean time, we wait.  In Advent we wait for the birth of our Lord.  In Lent we wait for the Resurrection.  In this season of medical danger, we wait to gather once again in community for the bread and wine of the Eucharist.

Whether or not we can share in communion any time soon, please take this opportunity to explore your personal faith at home.   Parents, teach your children.  Spouses and partners, strengthen and guide one another.  All of us are reminded that part of faithful living is to walk with God in solitude.  Consider Matthew 6:6 “But whenever you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”  Our individual walk with God is not a substitute for community, but neither is community a substitute for our individual walk with God.   We need both. 

Do what we often feel uncomfortable with - be alone.  Be alone with God.  Read the Bible, not just 3 verses, but chapters and books.  Read bible commentaries.  Read the great Christian teachers like Luther or the mystics like Teresa of Avila.  Say ancient prayers out loud.  Enter into reflection and meditation.  Be quiet and still long enough to see if God speaks - five minutes, ten minutes, hours – enough time to grow uncomfortable with the awareness that it’s you and God.  In the stillness, in the quiet, in the separation from community we may feel alone, but we are not.  This is an opportunity to grow stronger in community and in communion with God.

We will pass through this particular part of what we would call, remembering Psalm 23, “the dark valley.”  May our vision grow more clear, and our body more enduring.

God’s peace, and good health,

Pastors Darryl and Katie
Ed Ringer, Leadership Team President



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Your church staff has been working to keep us all connected in Christian community even during this time of “social distancing.”  As the COVID-19 emergency has been unfolding in new ways almost every day we are continuing to be prayerful, rational, flexible and creative.  We hope you have been able to do likewise.

Information for the weeks ahead:

  • Worship services and group meetings at church are cancelled through April 4.  Decisions about Palm Sunday, Easter, and following weeks have not yet been made.
  • Online worship video will be available Wednesdays and Sundays via email link, church website, and Facebook.
  • Communion distribution will be by drive through on Sunday mornings from 10:00 – 12:00.  We’ll use individual cups for wine, juice, bread, and gluten free wafers.
  • Prayer requests may be submitted via e-mail to Please indicate whether you would like the prayers to be printed or kept confidential.   
  • Church contributions should be made online by clicking this link: Give Now; in person at the office, or at the offering box Sunday mornings in the drive through line. You can also mail your offering to Trinity Lutheran Church, 1826 Killian Hill Rd, Lilburn, GA 30047. Please contact Darlene ( or 770-972-4418) if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Office hours will be Monday – Thursday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.
  • Youth will meet online via ZOOM.
  • Adult learning will continue via ZOOM, but no schedule has been established.

We appreciate your kind understanding as we learn new ways of being together in these limiting circumstances. Though not gathered in one place, we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually we are members one of another.  (Romans 12:5)

Peace to you in Christ,

Pastors Darryl and Katie

Ed Ringer, President

Last Published: March 21, 2020 4:12 PM
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