Acoustic Jam

The Acoustic Jam is a music session we have roughly every month to just get together and make music.  This is not an open mic session... because there are no microphones.  We gather in a circle around the LED campfire, and each person in turn gets to pick a song.  Could be Gospel, Blues, Folk, Elvis, Bluegrass,  Beatles...   You can lead, or hope someone else leads, but expect everyone to sing and play.   

This is intended as a no-stress environment for people to try playing in a group, try music they haven't tried before, and enjoy each other's company. 

There's not a lot of organization.  If you have something to suggest, please bring a lead sheet.  (words and chords)  We should have a copier nearby to make more copies.  Please be kind to non-capo instruments.  ( don't bring something with C chords and capo 3 which is really in Eb and expect the sax, mandolin, and accordion players to transpose in their head. ) 

There is an email list for planning and discussion:

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