Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool

Preschool Mission Statement

Trinity Preschool is dedicated to providing early learning experiences for young children of all races and faiths in a supportive, encouraging environment. Our program helps each child grow individually through a variety of activities, which will build upon each other to develop the whole child. We strive to strengthen each child’s capacity to interact with children his/her own age. In this and all we do, we hope to foster the child’s relationship with God, through Jesus, His Church, and the world.

Directional Oversight

This preschool is a nonprofit weekday school sponsored by Trinity Lutheran Church. The preschool is operated as a part of our Christian Learning Mission Team. The program is administrated by the Community Schools Board which includes the Pastor, Community Schools Director, a parent representative, the Learning Mission Team chairperson, and three members-at-large from the Church congregation.

Brenda Moody
Director of Community Schools

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