Serving Saints


The Serving Saints schedules can be accessed through the links below. If you are unable to serve on your scheduled day, please switch with someone and then contact the church office ASAP so that reminders will be sent to the correct person. Please note that the coordinators for each area of ministry are listed. If you would like to help serve, please contact the coordinator for that area.

February 2017


Altar Guild:  Sarah Kuester  (770) 921-0099
Acolytes/Crucifers:   Shantelle Grace
Assisting Ministers/Lectors:  Debbie Ringer  (770)972-6606
Communion Assistants:  Debbie Ringer  (770) 972-6606
Greeters:  Angela Throne  (678) 377-9715
Ushers - 8:30:  Darlene Luciani @ Church Office  (770) 972-4418
Ushers - 9:45:  Darlene Luciani  @ Church Office  (770) 972-4418
Ushers - 11:00:  John Estes  (770) 979-8459
Tellers:  Shannon Mantovani  (678) 852-3070
All Other Requests:  Darlene Luciani @ Church Office       (770) 972-4418