Kids For Christ is a ministry for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Join us for special events throughout the year. Contact John Parson, Director of Youth Ministry, for more information.


With God's help, we strive to build a foundation of faith in a Christ-centered community so that, inspired by the Spirit, all children and youth are free to grow, uplift and love each other and serve the world.


Children's Sunday School Soup-in-a-Jar Project


The Children's Sunday School would like to support the Lilburn Co-Op again this year with our annual "Soup-in-a-Jar" project. Typically, on this Service Sunday (January 17th this year), the Sunday School kids line up in an assembly line and put together between 36 and 48 jars of soup ingredients with the help of the Sunday School teachers and parent volunteers. Since we cannot do that this year, we have devised a couple of strategies to approximate our past efforts.


First, if you would like to contribute any of the dry ingredients listed in the recipe below, you can drop them off at the church in the identified drop-box in Hanberry Hall. Or, if you attend in-person worship, we will have a bin identified for donations to support this project. We will then take your ingredients to the co-op so that they can spread some winter warmth in our community.


Another option if you want to lend a hand is to make a jar or two yourself! While this isn't as fun as doing it in a group, it's still pretty satisfying to put these jars together. We will happily accept your jars in the Hanberry Hall donation box or at in-person worship. We have included the recipe below if you choose this option. You might also want to include some version of this recipe card with your jar(s) so that the recipients have directions.


Thanks for all your help!