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Community Gardening Project

Do you enjoy gardening? Do you enjoy serving others?

Join us as we put our Lenten theme “Created For Community” into practice. This Lenten season, we have learned about how God has created us to live in community with creation and with our neighbor. Through our Community Gardening Project, we will care for creation through gardening; we will collaborate with our neighbors at Good Shepherd Presbyterian as we plant; and we will care for our neighbors at the Lilburn Co-op as we offer them our harvested vegetables.

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church has five 12x12 garden boxes for rent. The cost to rent each box per year is $30. This cost includes use of a 12x12 garden box, the soil will be tilled, and appropriate soil amendments will be added (under the instruction of a master gardener). This $30 annual fee also includes use of a shed and common tools, as well as a storage space for individuals to store their tools. Those who chose to adopt a box for the year are also required to attend two “work days” a year. The first work day is March 27th from 10 AM–2 PM at Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church. These work days will offer us an opportunity to get to know our neighbors as we work together with them on this project.

Throughout the year, those who choose to be stewards of a box will be responsible for weeding, planting, watering, and harvesting the box. Are you a part of a group who would like to adopt a box? Are you an individual who would like to collaborate with others in adopting a box? Please feel free to reach out to Pastor Katie ( for more information.

2021 Application
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