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Men's Retreat Opportunity in the Fall!

We are planning a men's retreat for the fall. It will be at Camp Mikell in Toccoa, GA on November 8-10. Here is the basic information about the retreat..

Dorms are $110 per person for the weekend and the includes a meeting space and food. Dorms include an open floor plan with up to 13 beds with a shared group bathroom.

Cottages and hotel rooms are $180 per person for the weekend and that includes a meeting space and food. Cottages include a variety of floor plans with shared bathrooms.

Private rooms (only one person in the bedroom) are $260.00 per person.

You can prepare your own meals on our charcoal grill, bring your own grills, have it catered or eat in Toccoa as well. Eating our food is not a requirement.

No food pricing:

Meeting room and dorm for the weekend is $50 per person.

Cottage room or hotel room is $180 per bedroom (not per person). That is per person if only one person is in the room though.

Through this experience, we hope to come closer to God and one another while spending time in nature and enjoying the company of others.

** If you would be interested in attending, please contact Pastor Scott ( or 734-673-2485) with your preference for accommodations or with any other questions. All men are invited!

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