As many of you are aware, the Delta variant has made life more challenging once again. This development over the past few weeks can be quite frustrating and worrisome.


At the same time, this is the reality we are dealing with and need to navigate. Therefore, we are asking for your continued help and consideration in how we, together, can help mitigate the risk from this virus. We are not going to give you mandates and requirements but encourage you to once again pay close attention to the protocols that we all have become so familiar with over the past several months. However, we will have some required protocols in situations that involve our young people (Sunday School and the Wednesday evening program).


First, if you are not feeling well, if you have COVID or have been exposed to someone with COVID, or if you are a high health risk of getting COVID, we encourage you to take advantage of our worship and meeting options that allow you to join in virtually. We are going to continue to livestream our worship services, offer drive-thru communion, and we are starting a new service on Wednesday evenings that will be a masked-required option for those who feel more comfortable with that. This worship will be led by our youth, youth leaders, and pastors and will start at 6:45 PM and last until 7:15 PM. All are welcome!


We are also now utilizing some new tools to help people be a part of in-person meetings via Zoom to mitigate risk. All of these, and others that we learn of, are ways to again help mitigate risk while still keeping people a part of the community as much as possible.


Next, we recommend people wear masks and pay attention to social distancing when gathering for Sunday worship and meetings throughout the week. We will also continue to sanitize between services and at other times to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus. We understand that some of you have difficulty wearing a mask for health-related and other reasons, and we understand the need for folks to want to gather and be in community with one another. We just ask that you be careful, and again, mitigate the risk of spreading the virus as much as you can. We still have young people in our midst that have not had a chance to be vaccinated as well as others with significant health risks or not vaccinated. Again, we just ask for your help in reducing the risk of spreading COVID in whatever ways that we can.


One final logistical note: When you are seated for worship, if you are a single person or a couple, if you choose to sit in one of the longer pews, please consider moving to the center so that others can sit on the ends without having to climb over you. This will help with our social distancing and seating for worship.


Please watch the video linked below for further information.