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Dear Friends in Christ,

The loss of a loved one is among the most difficult times in life. How we remember, honor and care for them after death is an important part of the healing process. Throughout history, the church cemetery has been the final resting place of the deceased members of the Christian community—a powerful reminder of the Communion of Saints.

Trinity Lutheran Church is pleased to offer a columbarium to our community as part of our ministry. A columbarium is a wall of small "niches," designed to hold the cremated remains (cremains) of loved ones. The columbarium becomes a place of remembrance, meditation and prayer. The Trinity Columbarium contains 98 niches. Each niche has room for two urns. It allows the remains of the deceased faithful to be placed on the grounds of the church that played such an important part in their lives. The columbarium is available to Trinity members, their families and friends of Trinity. All are welcome.

The columbarium is maintained entirely through niche sales. Contact the church office for more information about the columbarium and how you can reserve a niche for yourself and your loved ones.

Pastor Scott Sessler & Pastor Katie Christie

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