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The Piece Makers cut, design and assemble quilts for Lutheran World Relief. They use primarily donated fabric that would otherwise go to waste and add batting, along with their time and care. There are many ways to lend a hand that do not require sewing skills. All of our quilts are made from a consistent pattern of large squares.

Our process:

  • Bulk fabric is cut into squares with a plastic guide

  • The top of the quilt is laid out visually using pre-cut squares

  • The squares are sewn together using a sewing machine

  • The sewn top is paired with a bottom sheet and batting and tied together

    • This requires laying out the bottom, batting and top on a table

    • Smoothing out wrinkles and kinks

    • Pinning the three layers together, starting at the middle and working out in order to keep it straight and flat

    • Running a needle with strong thread (floss) through all three layers in the middle and corners of each square and tying it with a square knot, requiring a bit of dexterity and hand strength

    • The edges are rolled up, trimmed and pinned

  • Finally, the edge border gets sewn on a machine


Piece Makers meets on Monday mornings from 10:00–12:00 PM and Thursday afternoons from 1:00–3:00 PM. There are also occasional Saturday sessions with lunch provided. Contact the church office at 770-972-4418 for more information.

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